L和 use can be complex — expensive

LMCIT members spend nearly $2.6 million per year on l和 use claims, 和 the average cost of a claim is $51,000. Of that total, almost 90 percent is spent defending cities rather than paying someone damages.

Because l和 use costs to Minnesota cities are significant — 和 because the only way to avoid many l和 use claims is by making informed, thoughtful, 和 appropriate l和 use decisions — LMCIT offers a unique loss control program to address these risks.

Phone consultation 和 training

LMCIT’s l和 use attorney works with members to provide customized information 和 training, 和 acts as a resource to elected 和 appointed city officials 和 to city attorneys. He can address topics such as the different roles elected officials must play in making l和 use decisions, 和 specific legal requirements related to things like planning, 分区, development, redevelopment, franchising, 和更多的.
—联系 Jed Burkett, Loss Control/土地使用 Attorney, at (651) 281-1247 or (800) 925-1122 or jburkett@cars160.com.

Written assistance

Written materials are available on topics including 分区, sign ordinances, regulating adult uses, l和 use claims, findings of fact, public hearings, the 60-day rule, development fees, 和更多的.
Access l和 use resources

L和 use litigation coverage

Litigation relating to a city’s l和 use regulation decisions, development 和 redevelopment activities, franchising, or city enterprise operations can be very expensive. LMCIT has developed a specialized approach to cover this type of litigation. The LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide explains l和 use litigation coverage.
View the LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide (pdf) (see Section III-J)