The Trust is a not-for-profit organization formed by Minnesota cities in 1980 — one of the first municipal self-insurance pools in the country. Its unique partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities results in a holistic, one-stop shop of services for members.

The Trust provides unique protection

信任的 unique coverages 对财产, 责任, 汽车, and workers’ compensation provides cities with protection for situations like land use litigation, diagnostic testing, 汽车 accidents, cyber security, property damage, sewer backups, and much more.

Because the Trust understands the unique exposures faced by Minnesota cities, it continually develops new coverages to address members’ ever-changing needs. Instead of coverage exclusion, the Trust emphasizes coverage inclusion. Trust staff have the expertise to address coverage issues and concerns, giving busy city staff one less thing to worry about.

The Trust provides stability over time

Because the private market can be inconsistent in its willingness to underwrite city coverages, the member-created and member-governed Trust has maintained a solid membership base for decades.

Because members are committed to the Trust’s not-for-profit philosophy, it can retain a healthy fund balance, which in turn helps members avoid premium rate fluctuations.

Trust funds not needed for claims, expenses, or reserves are returned to members as a 股息, which has happened every year since 1987.

The Trust provides expertise

In addition to keeping premiums stable, providing unique coverages, and returning funds when unneeded, the Trust offers several voluntary risk management programs that help members reduce losses and avoid claims.

The Trust continuously evaluates its data and develops programs based on loss areas faced by Minnesota’s cities and related entities. Members also share best practices to address root causes before claims happen — potentially saving premium dollars for all members.