LMC的 2024 City Policies publication was created with member input and approved by the LMC Board of Directors on Nov. 9, 2023. It is the only comprehensive statewide advocacy agenda for all Minnesota cities.

The policies cover the League’s legislative initiatives and defensive positions on a wide array of issues. The 2024 publication contains new policies on several issues, including:

  • City fundraising authority.
  • Regulation of cannabinoid products.
  • Collateral consequences and expungements.
  • Remote participation under the Open Meeting Law.
  • 首页stead market value exclusion.
  • Changes to existing policies.

These policies will be referenced throughout the 2024 legislative session to guide the advocacy efforts of the League and individual Minnesota cities.

View the 2024 City Policies (pdf).

Legislative priorities adopted

The League Board also approved the 2024 legislative priorities on Nov. 9. The priorities will help focus the League’s advocacy efforts during the upcoming legislative session, which begins on Feb. 12.

Read more about the 2024 legislative priorities.

League policies cover the following areas:

The city policies are crafted with input from over 150 city officials from across the state participating in the League’s four policy committees.

Read more about the policy development process.

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